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Orange arrow Where do I upload the contracts?

  OfferSubmission is a paperless process until an offer is accepted by the seller. Paperwork is not required and will not be reviewed by the seller until terms have been approved via OfferSubmission. Buyer's Agents with accpeted offers are provided with the seller's required addenda via our system fo...
Orange arrow Where do I get the required bank addenda?

  Required addenda are available to the Buyer's Agent upon offer acceptance within Login to your account, click "My Offers", then click on the Property ID# of the accepted offer, then click "Confirm Acceptance. A new button will immediately appear, click "Print Addenda"....
Orange arrow Can I get a copy of the required addenda before submitting an offer?

  Each seller utilizes their own offer addenda packages. They do not typically make them available to a purchaser until after an acceptable offer has been received. In some cases we (or the listing agent) may have copies to review. Feel free to inquire with the listing agent, or send a support tic...
Orange arrow Why do the bank addendums appear blank or missing terms?

  You are likely trying to access the addendums from a mobile device (i.e. smart phone, iphone, tablet, etc). The proper display of the pdf documents are dependent on the device, the operating system, the pdf reader application as well as the pdf document itself (such as embedded fonts). If the doc...

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