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Orange arrow What information do I need to submit an offer?

  You'll need the items you normally need when you prepare a purchase agreement: The legal name of all buyers The buyer's current address The offer amount The amount of any requested seller concessions The amount requested that the seller pay towards any required repairs The amount of any req...
Orange arrow Where do I enter commissions?

  Commissions are offered by the listing broker via your participation in your local MLS system and are handled outside of the terms of the offer. Commissions should not be included in the terms of any offer....
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Orange arrow How do I correct a mistake in the offer I submitted?

  Once an offer is submitted, it is "locked" and cannot be changed. It can be deleted by logging into your account, clicking the Property ID#, and clicking "Cancel".If any of the information is submitted incorrectly, you must submit a new, correct offer and include a note indicating the Offer ID# of...
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Orange arrow How much commission does pay

5611 views is neither the seller nor an agent representing the seller of property, and does not offer commissions. Commissions for properties included on this site are available in the local MLS. Contact the listing agent for more information....
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Orange arrow How can I tell the status of an offer?

  You are encouraged to login to to view any and all updates in real-time. Listing agents, click on MY LISTINGS. Buyer's Agents click on MY OFFERS. Each agent also receives an email whenever an action or decision regarding an offer is made by the seller....
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Orange arrow Can a listing agent submit offers?

  Listing agents can submit offers ONLY on behalf of their own buyer-clients, and must perform all tasks required of both buyer and listing agent should an offer be accepted. Listing agents SHOULD NOT submit offers on behalf of other agents or their buyers....
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Orange arrow When can offers be made on a property?

  All new listings are loaded into our system the day after a listing is assigned to the listing agent. Offers cannot be submitted until they appear in our system....
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