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Orange arrow Why did I get a notice that my offer was expiring?

  Our system relies on the buyer's agent to deliver executed contract and addendums to the listing agent, and it requires the listing agent to confirm the delivery of the documents in within 72 hours. Our system automatically sends an expiration reminder after 48 hours to both age...
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Orange arrow I received 2 emails; one says my offer has been rejected and the other says my offer has been accepted. Which is it?

  When a seller accepts an offer, any other offers that were countered or otherwise "still open" are automatically rejected (the bank can only accept one offer). Each email likely references a different offer #. Please login to your OfferSubmission account to see the status of any offer to be sure....
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Orange arrow I'm a Buyers agent. How am I notified of the seller's decision?

  You are notified of all decisions regarding submitted offers via email, and status of all offers are updated in real-time for viewing in your account under "My Offers"...
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Orange arrow Why was my offer rejected?

  If your offer has been rejected it is normally for 1 of two reasons: the offer was considered too low to counter, or the seller has accepted another offer already. Sometimes, it's because the seller has reason to believe that the property will not be eligible for the type of financing your buyer is...
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Orange arrow I received notice that there are multiple offers. What do I need to do?

  This notification is sent by the bank or asset manager when there are multiple offers for the same property. If the offer you've submitted is already your client's highest and best offer, you do not need to take any additional steps; the offer will be reviewed along with any improved offers subm...
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Orange arrow I'm a Listing agent. How am I notified of activity on my listing?

  Your OfferSubmission account is updated in real-time to show all new offers received for your listings and all of the seller's decisions as they happen. You can see all activity by logging into the site and clicking "My Listings", then clicking the property ID# of the listing. Additionally, you...
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Orange arrow Why is my acceptance or counter offer subject to Investor Approval?

  Some banks actually service portfolios of loans made by other lenders or owned by other entities. Some asset management firms only have authority to make decisions within certain guidelines set by the bank.Depending on the agreements between them, final sale price decisions may have to be approved ...
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Orange arrow Why is my acceptance subject to MI (Mortgage Insurance) carrier approval?

  Many lenders had their portfolios of mortgages insured against loss due to a borrower's default, especially those loans that were originally made to borrowers with less than 20% down payments. For this reason, each of these foreclosed loans becomes an open claim with a mortgage insurance carrier. ...
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