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Orange arrow Can I make an offer on a property if I'm not an agent?

  No. You must be a licensed agent in the state where the property is located in order to submit an offer. Licensing status is verified by our staff....
Orange arrow When does the Offer Processing Fee get paid?

  The Offer Processing fee is normally paid at closing and is included on the HUD-1 closing statement. If the transaction does not close for any reason not caused by the seller (i.e. buyer default after contingencies are removed), the fee is due immediately and will be invoiced accordingly.If a trans...
Orange arrow What information do I need to submit an offer?

  You'll need the items you normally need when you prepare a purchase agreement: The legal name of all buyers The buyer's current address The offer amount The amount of any requested seller concessions The amount requested that the seller pay towards any required repairs The amount of any req...
Orange arrow How do I submit an offer?

  OfferSubmission is a paperless process. Contracts are not necessary until terms are accepted via the website. Begin by entering the Property ID# or Zip Code in the area provided on the OfferSubmission home page. The next step allows you to verify the property and its current status. Licensed...
Orange arrow How can I tell if there are other offers for a property?

  If you are a buyer's agent, you can't unless the listing agent gives that information to you. We cannot provide information about other offers.If you're a listing agent, information about each offer submitted on your listings is available by logging into your account.The seller ...
Orange arrow How does the process work?

  1) Buyers agent submits terms of an offer via our site for immediate delivery to the seller and the listing agent. (Paperwork not required to submit offer) 2) Seller accepts, rejects or counters buyer's offer. If there are multiple offers, agents are notified accordingly. 3) Each agent is notifi...
Orange arrow How can I sign up to get listings from

  You can't. We are a software solutions provider, not an asset manager. We do not assign listings....
Orange arrow How can I search for properties on this site?

  Our site is not designed to be a searchable marketplace, and is for use exclusively by licensed agents. It is a site that enables the submission of offers directly to institutional sellers by licensed agents representing buyers.Agents are directed to our site for particular properties by informatio...
Orange arrow Why does the buyer have to pay the Offer Processing fee?

  The buyer gets the most benefit from the transaction; a great deal on a bank-owned property. The seller requires that the fee be paid by the buyer....
Orange arrow How can I register to submit an offer?

  OfferSubmission is for use by licensed real estate agents and brokers only. It is not open to the public. Licensing information is verified for all users.Licensed agents can CLICK HERE to register or agents can register on-the-go when they are ready to submit their first offer....
Orange arrow What is

6399 views is a web-based technology used by the actual seller of the property (i.e. bank, lender, servicer, private fund, government entity) to receive and negotiate the sale of their foreclosed properties.Our platform receives offers directly from agents representing buyers and delivers ...
Orange arrow When I tried to register, it said my license number is not unique. What's going on?

  It is likely you already have an account set up using an alternate email address. To check, enter another email address you already have from the "forgot password" link on our home page. Another possibility is that there could actually be an agent in another state that has the same license number...
Orange arrow How does handle reimbursements and task requests?

  We don't. All task management and invoice reimbursements are handled through the asset manager who assigned your listing....
Orange arrow How much is the Offer Processing Fee?

  The Offer Processing fee is $300 and is paid by the buyer at the close of escrow. Fee will be reflected on the HUD-1 statement as "Offer Processing Fee" payable to This fee is not considered a mortgage closing cost and is not considered a broker fee. It is a fee-for-service p...

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