Where do I upload contracts?

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Where do I upload the contracts?


OfferSubmission is a paperless process until an offer is accepted by the seller. Paperwork is not required and will not be reviewed by the seller until terms have been approved via OfferSubmission.

Buyer's Agents with accpeted offers are provided with the seller's required addenda via our system for attachment to the standard board or state-approved purchase agreement.

All paperwork MUST be delivered to the listing agent within the time required in the offer approval instructions. 

Once the listing agent has received a complete, fully executed document package and confirmed receipt within OfferSubmission.com, they must then enter the accepted terms exactly as they appear on the Offer Addendum into the seller's asset management system (i.e. RES.NET, EQUATOR, etc). 

If the seller does not use an asset management software system, please follow the seller's instructions in the email notification you received.  Some banks and lenders require that you submit paperwork directly to them via email or fax. Please refer to your listing instructions for more information.

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